Guaranteed quality

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Polypharma has ISO certification since the year 2000.

sgs.jpg Polypharma has gained ISO 9001certification.  This is our way of demonstrating that we place as much importance on the quality of our services as we do on the quality of our products.


Accredited manufacturers

  • ISO 9001

Regular production site checks

In close contact with our manufacturers, we supervise the manufacture and quality of our products.

Compliance with international pharmacopoeia or product specifications

We select the raw materials according to quality standards in force, our technical dossiers and the specific needs of the project.

Checking of raw materials sold by Polypharma by accredited laboratories, with GMP certification

Depending on the specific nature of our products, we can provide additional certificates if necessary for the following criteria:  radioactivity, microbiological control, asbestos or bromine content, Halal certification.

Ensured traceability

REACH procedures are carefully followed.

One of very few companies authorised to market narcotic substances

Our company is approved by the German authorities to sell controlled substances and narcotics.

Financial stability


Polypharma is financially stable. 

Bisnode, the international credit risk management company, issued Polypharma with a credit rating of 1.